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 -5 Reasons To Consider Living Out Grid

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PostSubject: -5 Reasons To Consider Living Out Grid   2014-12-25, 11:12 am

I think everybody who opts to live off the grid has a unique set of reasons for doing it. Some people are doomsday preppers, some want to be easier on the environment, some want to live closer to nature, and some folks just don’t like living around people. I get that. But at the core of the matter, there are 5 reasons you should consider getting yourself off the grid, or at least getting started at it.

Self Sufficiency

There’s nothing that makes me happier than doing things myself. I’m not just saying that. When I make my own soaps, grow my own food, produce my own energy and keep my own livestock, I feel happier. I feel more accomplished. And that’s something more and more people are wanting, sometimes without knowing they want it.
In our society, we’re all dependent on something. Sometimes it’s government, sometimes it’s corporations, and sometimes it’s utility companies. In a way, humans are meant to be dependent on one another. If we weren’t geared toward community, we wouldn’t have lived in communities for thousands and thousands of years. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a step and start doing things for yourself, right?

A Sense of Accomplishment

This rolls in with what I was talking about a paragraph or two up from here. It’s easy to go to the store, buy all the things, go home, watch TV, make dinner, and get ready for the next day; but where is the sense of accomplishment in that? It’s all depending on someone else to feed you, house you, entertain you, and employ you.


“Uh oh! Did shit hit the fan? Bummer man. I’m a self sufficient fella/lady.” Or at least that’s what you might be saying if you get yourself off the grid! But it’s all about being prepared.


One of the biggest crippling factors of happiness is being in debt. In fact, money itself can be something of an addictive thing. But becoming debt free is absolutely liberating for you and your family. It gives you the option to live your life your way and not have to deal with paying off any nonsense.


Ultimately, what we all strive for in our lives is happiness. But sometimes I think the lot of us have been led astray by a culture that teaches us that happiness comes from being rich, something most of us won’t ever know, and by collecting things, most of which we don’t actually need.
It’s called the American Dream, and more and more people are beginning to think that it’s a crock of shit. Living off the grid isn’t simply defying the American Dream, but it’s rewriting what that dream is. We are, after all, the deciders of what the dream is.
To those of you who have taken the steps to live off the grid, congratulations! To those thinking about doing it, we wish you luck and if we can, we’ll be with you every step of the way.
Good luck.

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-5 Reasons To Consider Living Out Grid
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