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 Desire: We're sticky people

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PostSubject: Desire: We're sticky people   2014-12-26, 10:59 pm

Sometimes people say, “What’s the matter”. To which we say, “Never Mind”. And when they say,”What’s on your mind?”, we say,”Doesn’t matter”. The constant back n forth between mind and matter keeps us hooked for days – sometimes years. We get so deep in the game, that we sometimes forget that we’re all just constructs of our own stories. Everybody has the same needs, wants and desires and we pretend that we’re the only ones that are saddened by our inabilities to go n’ get em. Imagine a child’s favourite ice-cream being mercilessly taken away at dinner – as punishment for cursing. How long would it be, until the child realizes that to obtain the things she really wants, there’s gonna have to be a little conformity needed. The child either chooses to apologize and agrees never to curse again. Or she decides that ice-cream is just not meant to be – and decides to play house with her dolls instead.

When black implies white, night implies day, love implies indifference – self also implies other. We define ourselves by who we think we are, forgetting the very fact that we’re all the same. It’s like fixing a leaky pipe with a rusty hammer. You can’t bash it into conforming to your will. Sooner or later you’ll need to accept the problem and get a rubber seal.

Stickiness in thought often happens when we’re betrayed by someone or something. How dare he/she break my trust. How dare that person act rudely with me. How dare nature destroy my body. How could this happen to the magnificent creature that is I. When it happens long enough, you start defining who you are with what you think. You can put the TV on to learn about what’s happening, or you can leave it on as background noise.
It’s like going round and round on a beautiful sandy beach. If you walk long enough, you’ll soon find yourself creating a mountain in the center – as you walk deeper and deeper on that circular path. In a more gooey sense – we have immense faith in the grounds above the skies, but none for the ground below our feet. Relax. Live a little. We’re all here to enjoy what little time we have. Little is subjective too, unfortunately. For some people 75 years seems like a really long time. We say, “Oh, It feels like a lifetime!” Some games are longer than others, but the ones that make time fly – are the ones that are worth playing.

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Desire: We're sticky people
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