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 I'm Not Against Monsant !

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PostSubject: I'm Not Against Monsant !   2014-12-31, 11:23 am

I’m not against Monsanto, I’m pro-organic food. (Calm down.. keep reading! LOL). I’m not angry at meat-eaters, I choose to be vegan.
I’m not against men and women getting married, but I see no reason why two women or men shouldn’t marry one another as well. You see, instead of bashing what I hate, I promote what I love instead. I don’t think large corporations are evil, I just try to support local businesses whenever I can. It’s that simple. I choose to operate from a place of love, not hate (it’s better for my health).
We’re not all activists in the rioting sense of the word, but we all vote with our wallets. We decide which companies get to stay in business and which do not. For example: Grocery stores in Hawaii will continue to sell mangoes that are imported from Ecuador (even though mangoes grow right there on the islands), so long as people in Hawaii keep buying those mangoes from Ecuador. It’s that simple.
It’s been said that anger is a good motivator to “do the right thing”, but so is compassion. Anger can sometimes blind us in our actions to a point where we’re so busy protesting AGAINST something (thereby giving it more energy and attention), that we’re actually disturbing the peace (not just around us, but within).
I’ve been accused of sticking my head in the mud to avoid seeing the injustice in the world, but my eyes are actually wide open… That’s why I can see the beauty in the world as well.
As Mother Teresa said, “If you invite me to an anti-war rally I won’t go. But if you invite me to a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there!”

-Timber Hawkeye

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I'm Not Against Monsant !
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