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 13 Steps to Reaching Your Goal

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PostSubject: 13 Steps to Reaching Your Goal   2015-01-02, 11:10 am

1-Set realistic goals
2-Define specific goals for every dimension of your life: physical (health), emotional, psychological (personal growth development), spiritual, social (family and relationships) and career
3-State your desirable outcome in detail and write it down
4-Establish a time frame for its achievement
5-For every major goal define minor goals that require immediate steps to action
6-Define a way to measure your results
7-Always state goals you want to achieve for yourself and not designated for others
8-Make sure the goals are deeply congruent with your honest desires
9-Identify and describe the circumstance you are in today in regards to your goal
10-Define every single step required to the achievement of your goals (always state every step as a call to action)
11-Identify the resources (personal, in the community, etc) that you have now and the ones you will need in order to achieve your outcome
12-State your goals in a positive language and not in a negative form (i.e. say: “I want peace” and not: “I don’t want war”)
13-Ask yourself if the goal serves you, as well as others and the planet

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13 Steps to Reaching Your Goal
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