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 Five Habits of people in healthy, happy relationships

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PostSubject: Five Habits of people in healthy, happy relationships   2017-01-27, 12:35 pm

Finding someone you can create a happy, healthy relationship with can be quite the endeavor. Those of us who have had numerous terrible partners or relationships can attest to that. But, that’s what makes a happy relationship so special: the fact that both people simply want to be the best for each other.

Of course, keeping a relationship steadily happy can be difficult at times.

Here are five habits that folks who are in happy relationships practice regularly to keep the love flowing at all times:

They communicate their needs and desires, instead of just expecting their partners to figure it out
One of the biggest mistakes people make in relationships is not communicating effectively. Happy couples recognize that there is no way for their partner to know what’s on their mind if they don’t speak up and say something. Not only is it unfair and unrealistic, but when your expectations aren’t met, it starts to breed resentment.

Happy couples love discussing each other’s wants and needs, and they understand that they are not always going to be the same as their partner’s.

They regularly compliment each other 
Compliments are very important to the human psyche. Not only do they provide validation, but they reaffirm that people are on board with what we have going on. As long as your compliments are sincere and genuine, you can never have too many of them. And it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with someone, a compliment will always bring that person some feeling of goodness.

They don’t dwell on the negative aspects of their partner; they choose to focus on all of the good they have to offer 
Every person on this planet has a set of strengths and weaknesses to their personality. One trick to staying happy with your partner is choosing a positive perspective over a negative one. Happy couples who focus on all of the reasons they love their significant other tend to have greater feelings of warmth, friendship and likability.

Make compromises when you have to and always appreciate the reasons you fell in love with your partner in the first place.

They always clear space in their schedules to reconnect and spend time alone with one another 
Happy couples who have been together for years and years help keep that happiness alive by learning to connect and reconnect with each other on a regular basis. It’s easy to feel like a relationship is perfect in those beginning stages when all you’re doing is having sex all the time. This becomes harder as partners stray away from each other out of boredom or routine.

Happy couples regularly set aside time to be affectionate and loving, and they learn how to keep that connection growing over the years.

They enjoy each other’s laughter 
Sometimes partners will start to think that their significant others are only interested in the notable events of their day and begin to cut out all of the random little funny things that happen. Don’t!

If something funny happened to you, you don’t have to save it for your friends or coworkers. Share it with your partner so that the two of you can laugh together about it. A relationship without laughter runs the very serious risk of dying altogether. So don’t hesitate to share all of the things you find funny in life.

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Five Habits of people in healthy, happy relationships
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