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 Video: What Do You Think People Will Look Like Quite a while From Now?

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PostSubject: Video: What Do You Think People Will Look Like Quite a while From Now?   2017-01-29, 11:02 am

It's difficult to foresee what the future has in store for humankind as an animal groups. We can make instructed surmises in the matter of what life will look like for the normal human quite a while from now- - and a considerable measure of it spins around incorporating the astounding advancements we've formed into the human body itself. 

You've without a doubt seen some of this innovation as of now. Prosthetics for missing appendages, bones, joints, and even devices that keep our hearts pulsating frequently. We've seen researchers change the qualities of creatures and plants. 

In the end, people should confront the profound quality of "pursuing flawlessness," in a manner of speaking. Then again the issue we keep running into once we begin to make progress toward an immaculate organic person. 

Futurist and Harvard scientist, Juan Enriquez, is here to disclose to us that is pursuing this "flawlessness" that will at last spare humanity as an animal groups from some kind of huge annihilation occasion. 

Occasions of mass elimination have as of now happened on Earth no less than five circumstances, one of which totally wiped out the dinosaurs. Given this information, we realize that it is very likely that humanity is up next on the docket- - unless we can make sense of an approach to survive it. 

Watch the TED talk beneath as Juan reveals insight into humankind's promise for survival. He examines how humanity will in the long run begin to modify the major parts of our own hereditary qualities, organs and cells to adapt to outrageous living conditions.

"In the event that you trust that annihilations are normal and regular and typical, and happen occasionally, it turns into an ethical basic to differentiate our species," Juan clarifies. 

Juan goes ahead to clarify that if humanity needs to have any shot of living past simply such an occasion, we have to end up what Nikolai Kardashev calls a Sort III progress. Alternately, a human advancement that is equipped for tackling the greater part of the vitality inside our own particular system - a progress that has adjusted humankind so much, it would be totally unrecognizable by all accounts. 

"To wind up distinctly an intra-Close planetary system civilisation, will need to make a Sort III civilisation, and that looks altogether different from what we have here," Juan lets us know. 

By viewing the video above, we can see that, ought to humankind meet people's high expectations, humankind's fate is something the greater part of us wouldn't have envisioned even in our most extravagant fantasies.

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Video: What Do You Think People Will Look Like Quite a while From Now?
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