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 What is the capital of Canada?

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PostSubject: What is the capital of Canada?   2017-02-03, 12:47 pm

North America is one of the continents of the north-western part of the globe and takes it from the north of the Arctic Ocean and the West Pacific and South and South America to the east by the Atlantic Ocean and is considered one of the biggest world continents after Asia and Africa for its vast and include Canada, the United States of America, Mexico, the islands of the Caribbean, Honduras and Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama and Nicaragua.

* Includes Canada several cities: Trento, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Yukon, Ottawa and other.

The Montreal city, the biggest city in the province of Quebec is the economic capital in Canada.

But the city of Ottawa is the federal capital or federal Canada, which is the fourth largest cities in Canada, located in the Ottawa Valley east of the province of Ontario where on the south bank of the river Ottawa which is an end to normal with the Province of Quebec, Ottawa separates the city of Gatineau falling within the province of Quebec.

We can consider both cities (Ottawa Gatineau ) one region despite the separation in two provinces and the existence of differences in language in each, as most Gatineau people speak french language which is the language of the Territory, in addition to the English language as an official language of the other, and speaks majority Ottawa population English and some of them speak French sometimes as a second official language. It is worth mentioning that the Arabic language has become the third language spokeswoman after French and English, where in the statistics of 2006 the number of Arab residents in Ottawa Gatineau 30,890.

The city of Ottawa variety of cultures and therefore its museums, theaters, one of the most famous museums Museum of Natural History, which is located in the building of the Victoria Memorial Building" which is interested in the earth sciences and displays the skeletons of real blue whale, Museum of Science, technical assistance was the greatest inventions of science and technology, the most important landmarks Rido channel the historic building of the parliament, which has a tower of peace, which includes walked and around and bell rock carvings image shows on its currency. Km where there is a market in any way out of the market, which has set up booths for farmers and artists plus special shops and beauty salons, hairdressing and food.

With the University of Ottawa, founded in 1848 and is teaching in both English and French.

An area of the city of Ottawa 2778.64 square kilometers, while the estimated number population of more than three quarters of a million in 2006, in the case of calculating the Ottawa-Gatineau as one city, the number of timely population will exceed 1 million and a quarter.

Despite the fact that the Ottawa political and administrative capital of Canada, but many other cities had received the renowned cultural and commercial wider, and these cities, for example, the city of Toronto (the capital of the province of Ontario, which is the biggest Canadian cities as a whole) and the city of Montreal (in the province of Quebec) and Vancouver (in the province of British Columbia).

Either the sport in that capital is a hockey game is the first and most widespread in Canada and the most famous of which is the Ottawa Group senators owing to the increase in the number of migrants increased the spread of football And we are not forgetting skiing ice in the capital Ottawa spread ski centers in the north.

As for Canada, is one of the States of the North American continent, which is the second biggest world countries in size, thanks in part to the discovery of the land of Canada to the detected French origin Jack Karteh, where that was the year 903 E - 1497m, karteh working for the French government is working geographic and was the basis for looking through easier access to the state of India, but this work led to the discovery of Canada.

Canada gained independence from Britain in 1350 e -1926, speaking two official languages: English, French and consists of the mandates of the provinces of the thirteen.

Canada feature as one of a few countries of the population because of the climatic conditions that make the Canadian North icy desert are rare in population, Talban population in South margins, coasts, Western and Eastern Europe.

Included in the Canadian economy on agriculture, logging where Canada is one of the largest timber warehouses in the world, industry, oil production and mineralogy and Fishing.
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What is the capital of Canada?
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