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 What is the capital of Qatar ?

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PostSubject: What is the capital of Qatar ?   2017-02-03, 2:49 pm

Qatar is one of the smallest in terms of area, Arabic and overlooking the Arabian Gulf, Qatar and are part of the Arabian Peninsula, and land borders with Saudi Arabia, while shares maritime boundaries with all of the U.A.E. State, the Kingdom of Bahrain. And out of Qatar were as part of the land of the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf view being inhabited, where groups of pottery pieces were found in different parts of the country, and it is likely that archaeologists pots reached as a result of business relations with neighbouring countries, and who lived in those areas are crew living on hunting and trade.

And at some point the Islamic conquests Qatar's population participated in the Islamic Army supply fleet was the first naval fleet participated in the Islamic conquests, the Caliph Uthman Ibn affan, and then underwent Qatar to rule the Ottoman Empire since the 16th century even broke up with her in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirteen, becoming a British Crown property until the ends of the sixties of the twentieth century, and Qatar announced its independence for the first time on the 3rd of September of the year. One thousand nine hundred and seventy-one.

As for Qatar, a coastal city located in the East of the peninsula, and is the administrative center and business and financial state of Qatar, Doha Airport is located and is the only airport in the country, and has a population of over a million and a half million inhabitants, mostly expats. And the city is known for its modern buildings and numerous mosques and libraries, and take the Doha-based Al-Jazeera news channel's key, which is most prevalent in the Arab world with multiple networks ranging from Arabic-English language news, and great sports network always exclusive transport for the most important tournaments and matches for football and other sports.

And the composition of the population in Doha, where the majority of the population of foreigners, and a Qatari nationals are a minority, and the bulk of expats in Qatar from South and South East Asia, in addition to large numbers of almghartbin coming to work from many Arabic countries such as Egypt and the Levant and North Africa and Sudan. And there is an acute shortage of housing due to the significant increase in the numbers of immigrants to the city for work and residence.
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What is the capital of Qatar ?
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