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 What is the largest city in the world ?

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PostSubject: What is the largest city in the world ?   2017-02-03, 9:13 pm

What is the largest city in the world.

In the world we live in, there's a lot of information on different continents and Nations capitals and cities walbeldano and customs and traditions, customs and religions, behaviors and civilizations that don't know, the reason for this is obvious, because they are many and some are variable, as that information may be absent because after those countries from us or to smallness, some don't care about such information not needed in any case.

In our conversation today, we will look to answer the question what is the biggest port in the world and the largest city in the Arab world, according to the following standards:

  • The world's largest city by area.

New York City is the largest city in the world in terms of size, estimated at 4500 miles or approximately 11600 square kilometers, followed by Japanese capital toker area estimated at 3300 miles any 8500 square miles.

The largest Arab city in terms of size are Algiers, butcher, over 3300 square kilometers, followed by the Egyptian city of Alexandria with an estimated 2680 square kilometers.

  • The largest city in the world by population.

The largest city in the world in terms of population are Tokyo-Japan, where Japanese capital topped the United Nations arrangement more densely populated cities for 2014 with 38 million inhabitants, and the population is expected to fall to 37 million, according to estimates will remain the most populous city in the world until 2030 if current growth rates, followed by Indonesian capital Jakarta 26 million.

The most populous Arabic cities is the Egyptian capital Cairo, the population exceeds 17.8 million, followed by Baghdad with eight million.

  • The largest city in the world by population density.

The largest cities in the world in terms of population density, is the city of Dhaka where the alsakanih density 44000 people per square kilometer, followed by the Pakistani city of Hyderabad 41000 rate inhabitants per square kilometre. And Arabic city which is the most densely populated Cairo alaasamhalmsarih rate estimated 17190 inhabitants per square kilometre,

And then followed by the Moroccan city of Casablanca, population density rate 9342 inhabitants per square kilometre. It is noteworthy that the cities located in the African continent has the highest population density, immediately followed by the Asian cities and then cities of the continent of South America.
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What is the largest city in the world ?
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