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 Comprehensive Definition About Corn.

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PostSubject: Comprehensive Definition About Corn.    2017-02-05, 6:11 pm

Corn and components

- The origin of the name of the Greek word atomos corn and disposable means Division and is one of the chemical elements that maintain the chemical characteristics and smallest.

- Corn consists of a set of negative charges (electrons) that exist around the nucleus which lies in middle and small carry positive charge.

- The positive from the nucleus of an atom consists of protons positive charge, and neutrons balanced shipment.

- Corn is the smallest part of the chemical and its but elements are distinct from other items, whenever we went more in depth article found that smaller structures become there including the difference between element and another. For example, you may not find a difference between proton and another proton in an iron atom at Atom any other element. But show differences between atom and their characteristics in terms of the number of Proton, its mass, and electronic distribution, that there are differences between atoms and between images or different forms of the same element of "peers", or the ability of the item to cause chemical reactions or not.

- Installation left corn and still preoccupies scientists and more motivated to start uncertainty principle (the trust) Grand unification theories, and ended by superstring theory is more theories that have found acceptance in the interpretation of the composition of corn are "wave theory" this perception in installing corn based depicting Bohr and modern developments in quantum mechanics, which provides:

1. corn consists of particles under offspring (protons, electrons, neutrons.

2. knowing that most of the atom contains a vacuum.

3. in the center of the atom nucleus exists whereby the shipment consist of protons, neutrons (known as nuclei)

4. kernel 100,000 times smaller than the atom. If we imagine that the Atom with the breadth of Heathrow, the nucleus would be about the size of a golf ball into orbit wavelength function "email to hydrogen. Number of main quantum right from each row and quantum number gyrus described exists as a character at the top of each column.

1. most of the atomic orbitals are filled with vanities that contain electrons in electronic form.

2. every orbit can accommodate 2 electrons, governed by three numbers for you, principal quantum number quantum number, the magnetic quantum number. Every electron in any of his orbits one value for the fourth quantum number, the magnetic quantum number called.

3. the orbits is not fixed and specific in direction but represents the probability of occurrence of 2 electrons have the same first three numbers for you, and the last within this orbit is areas with presence of electron in 90%.

4. when joining the electron to the atom, they occupy the lowest energy levels, which it orbits close to the nucleus (the first energy level). Electrons are found in the orbits (orbit equivalence) is responsible for bonding between atoms. For more details see "Valence and bonding

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Comprehensive Definition About Corn.
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