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 Tattoo Eyebrows and Health Risks.

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PostSubject: Tattoo Eyebrows and Health Risks.   2017-02-06, 3:09 pm

The benefit of having eyebrows reflected in communication and expression without words, as they tell, and no talking about our mood and the situation we are going through, and play a key role in blocking the eyes of rain and sweat, hence the name. In recent years fashion has gained wide popular brows, especially after a fashion spread exposing eyebrows, especially that last for a long time without wasting time every week to straighten them, but don't know the risks this way and waste material. Where he visited me in my clinic a significant number of women infected with hepatitis eyebrows after visiting the salons to do tattoo brows and the result was a surprise; damage eyebrows, mother, Ceylon and rot with eyebrows. What I love beauty and I advise all natural girls supper and ladies away from pretentiousness, there's nothing more beautiful than the creation of Allah.

Highlights of the moral and mental functions of eyebrows:

* Show mood very quickly. Allow the eyebrows by expressing mood with ease, while you feel his eyebrows while automatically drops exclamation was surprised that soar upwards. Botox injections cause facial muscles to eliminate eyebrows so difficult for others to distinguish individuals did or feelings you have.

* Eyebrows React with words that speak to contribute to the delivery of the modern meaning until they explain the silent moments.

Definition of the tattoo or tattoo:

Tattoo is a design that digs into the skin using needles and ink, Raj used in all cultures for centuries, despite the rejection and not to accept many of him lately, but it was socially accepted in the United States extensively, by another spread tattoo in Arabic communities in recent years, many ladies want to get tattoo-permanent makeup-apart from some disadvantages.

Facts about facial tattoo and that draws on lips, eyebrows and eyes:

* Makeup is appropriate when you're busy and don't have time to put cosmetics, eyebrows, eyeliner, planning advantages that remains unchanged after face wash and shower or after getting out of the pool.

* Prepare well for the elderly ladies who are difficult for them to put on makeup, because of physical disabilities or impaired motor skills, and with poor eyesight, which helps them tattoos out without any worry of makeup with precision and success.

* There are many tendency towards cosmetic reasons facial tattoo and particularly after surgery, the Tattoo can help skin return to normal and thus improve plastic surgery results.

* Help the tattoo and the patients who lose their hair due to chemotherapy diseases (such as cancer), where the resort as a way to draw eyebrows instead lost to improve their appearance and their faces somewhat.

* People suffering from scars can use lips tattoo permanent lipstick to hide tags, and draws a line lips neatly and helps to highlight several colors as you want.

* According to women who suffer from allergies to cosmetics or skin pigmentation conditions like Vitiligo, which causes irregular white blotches on the skin.

* There are cases where tattoos as a form of adornment to hide scars and Burns at certain places.

* Uses a specific technology tattoos so chances are rare, as the doctor must be fully familiar with the colors used.

In the spring of 2012 has received food and Drug Administration reports on American transmission from contaminated inks, leading to withdrawal from the market, the scientific community has raised in the United States; the safe use of dyes in tattoos to protect public health, as well as the issue of removing tattoos that are considered extremely difficult, and the resulting infections, as well as the proliferation of fake ink and component materials unusable under the skin.

Health damage which occurs because tattoo brows:

* Skin problems may amount to distortion, and these problems: Dermatitis, inflammation of hair follicles in brows, eyebrow hair follicles and weakness.

* Darkening of the skin in the eyebrows, because after a period of work of tattoo, body rejects article impregnated and secreted antibodies to attack the foreign substance, what causes eyebrow place deformities.

* Problems in the eyebrows, so that he may develop in women three forms of eyebrows due to poor implementation of tattoos or a cosmetologist have no experience in that area.

* Infection with the disease due to contaminated tools it is possible to unsterilized tattoo equipment that transmits a lot of infectious diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis and skin infections.

* Using some types of ink that prevents you from donating blood for twelve months, where the result of infection from contaminated tattoo inks.

* Difficulty removing tattoos or tattoos because they are expensive and are very difficult processes in spite of advances in laser technology.

* Sensitivity to tattoo dyes and materials there are a lot of people who are infected with sensitivity as a result of putting a tattoo for several years, although the FDA received several reports about adverse reactions associated with the use of inks in tattooing, allergy reports paints (inks).

* Granulomatous tissue blocks typically produce in response to infection and inflammation, or when a foreign substance such as a tattoo pigment particles. Form keloid if viable skin scar formation and effects, often arise around the keloid tattoos or sometimes when you try to remove it surgically.

* Complications of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) the US FDA said cases of swelling and burning and itching in the tattoo place after undergo magnetic imaging scans and then only briefly, as reports the impact of those dyes and metal content quality and purity of this type of diagnostic imaging, you must take that into account.

* After tattooing, will form a layer crusty henna tattoo zone diameter is and will remain from 7-14 days, peel off after this period shows the desired color.

Tips and warnings that must be followed for a successful tattoo:

* Not to rub the tattoo area when washing or bathing.

* If the cortical layer place tattoo watch kobaha on your skin, that would affect persistence color tattoo on your skin and remove the dye, thus forming scars.

* Don't use SOAP, avoiding exposure to the Sun or swimming and sauna for two weeks after a tattoo to prevent the dye from fading and fading.

* To avoid infection, you should not touch or scratch the tattoo place even heals completely.

* Put sunscreen on the tattoo area, to preserve the continued viability of tatted dyes longer so don't fade fast.

* Sentry 2nd after 8-12 weeks from the first session to follow the finalizing of tattoos and evaluate its appearance and then consolidate the ink color if necessary.
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Tattoo Eyebrows and Health Risks.
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