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 The Most Beautiful Sentence in Love

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PostSubject: The Most Beautiful Sentence in Love   2017-02-08, 12:23 am

* A farewell to love hard, but much harder to end love without farewell.

* It's hard to fall in love with someone whose heart is still bleeding from a painful betrayal. Difficult to convince him that you're a different person.

* Hard to sacrifice for love. Harder to find than sacrifice for him.

* In existence are not the third: beauty and truth. Beauty in the hearts of lovers, right wings who tills the land. (

* We measure time under countless Suns movement, they measure time small bales they carry in their pockets. Then tell me, Allah bless you, how can meet together in one place at one time?!

* What's more, who will they understand us because they found some feathers something similar to what they experienced in their lives. And I wish only their claim to know our secrets, secrets that we ourselves don't realize-but they brand us with signs and numbers and then put us on a shelf of shelving their thoughts and beliefs as pharmacist with medicine bottles and powders.

* The man loves to be happy with life, women live to be happy in love.

* Double love gentle men, weakening of delicate women.
Love asks permission to enter her heart, men he breaks into his heart without permission, and this is our loss.

* Hard to kill the love of your heart. The other tries harder to kill this love.

* If you love a woman you tell her ((I love you)). . This term first what makes women think about control you.

* He found a love for small happiness and misery to many

* Love her Excellency tremble.

* Would love to visit the women in Hunny, filled with suspicion and admiration.

* Love is not blind, but he had yet to consider it not realize mistakes when moving away.

* Remorse because of love and sorrow for those who didn't know him.

* A silent Convention Kiss then take the gun.

* The only game involving two and win or lose together. Love.

* Love is the most beautiful miscalculation between the two.

* Love is like war, easy to trigger it. It is hard to crush it.

*In love letters we send out and tear her apart and most beautiful letters are not write it.

*May generate love word but never dies.

* No love is torturing us, but of love.

* I don't love you because you are my comfort source but I like my comfort for you.

* Owe it to love our lives. And ours too.

* Love flower fluffy no smells her scent unless it rained tear drops.

* Hard to sacrifice for love. Harder to find than sacrifice for him.

* It's hard to feel jealous of you who you love. Difficult not to feel jealous of you at all.

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The Most Beautiful Sentence in Love
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