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 The Nicest Words About True Love 2017

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PostSubject: The Nicest Words About True Love 2017   2017-02-08, 1:18 pm

Words of love

Love feeling beautiful from my human feelings, feelings of love varies, there love family and children and the husband and wife love and there's love and there's stuff I love animals.

One of the most beautiful human relations kind Allah created relationship between a man and a woman, love lost and mercy, integrated relationship where they complement each other, and both parties can continue without the other, men and women depends on women dependent on men in different things and aspects of life.

Love the wondrous link established between a man and a woman and was described by some as a chemical homogeneity so each snap and need, and there's nothing like a fruit of love between men and women and which are children, and advent children start a new romance between men and women with new names. Father and mother and their children.

The love of mother and father to their children is love stronger and higher than any love, and this love generates both have the ability to perform miracles, where working everything imaginable to care for their children and protect them from all harm, and their love for their children is unconditional love, and which consequently begets love from children to them, and the love of children beginning be an innocent love is built on a strong link and intense need for them and then this love begins to grow with the growth of children to grow day after day.

Sometimes human feel relates to things until the feeling of love for those things, and probably because of this link and love for things associated with good memories or people been the same person.

Either love of animals is a beautiful love is almost close to the love of people, animals, creatures with feelings and feel people and almost a friendship with people better than the people themselves, and link to animals strong correlation instinctively takes significant space in people's lives. Despite the love and nature, but it remains a necessary and effective in our stronger and increases the desire for continuity and stay and we can't do without it.

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The Nicest Words About True Love 2017
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