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 What is Psoriasis Hair and How to Remedy

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PostSubject: What is Psoriasis Hair and How to Remedy   2017-02-09, 6:43 pm

What is Psoriasis hair

Psoriasis is a common skin disease of hair, which is about white crusts tend to silver in scalp hair show-shaped red areas on the scalp and are associated with itching, so they are visible under the hair and dead skin being rubbed through falling cobalt on the shoulders.

Causes of psoriasis hair

Causes of disturbances in the immune system chronically due to hyperactivity of the immune cells but are affected by several factors including:

1. factors that help spread psoriasis hair overweight and obese.
2. many drink alcohol affect the appearance of psoriasis.
3. a lot of smoking.
4. the incidence of certain infectious diseases.
5 some skin injuries such as cuts.
6. incidence of sunburn and exposure for long periods.
7. incidence of stress and psychological pressure.
8. cold weather affects the appearance of psoriasis.
9. blood pressure medication or malaria drugs.

Diagnosis of psoriasis hair

It is diagnosed by a physician, usually by looking at the accompanying crust, or by examining a sample of skin to know what type of psoriasis.

Treating Psoriasis hair

Disease is squamous head volatile diseases, treatment is done in order to prevent an increase in skin cells or dry skin and some infections which resembles seashells, where the doctor choosing appropriate treatment depending on the type, location and severity, mostly primitive treatment with medications such as:

1. use topical creams for the treatment of psoriasis: by putting some fat on the skin directly to the light and medium type of psoriasis.

2. reduce hair by the light: in severe cases of psoriasis by using natural light or artificial through direct exposure to sunlight or UV manufacturer in addition to topical creams.

3. There are other medications for severe cases or when it is not responding to treatment earlier, by giving the patient tablets or injections are given as a doctor.
Disease psoriasis hair caused to the person by the frustration and lack of self confidence and severe itching which may cause bacterial skin infections.

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What is Psoriasis Hair and How to Remedy
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