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 Early detection of your child's teeth in the deciduous teeth's first public deserves more from you.

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PostSubject: Early detection of your child's teeth in the deciduous teeth's first public deserves more from you.   2017-02-10, 12:20 pm

Parents often wonder "when should my child go to a dentist?". The short answer to this question is before reaching their first birthday. This is also the vision of many scientific societies, academia, chiefly American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

It may be an early date for the visit has been surprising to a lot of new parents, however, many academic studies have shown a very high rates of tooth decay children aged not more than two years. These high rates of cavities can be avoided, or even reduced if we reached a conviction of the importance of early visit to children's dental clinic. But not only tooth decay in children is the only element that parents must understand potential risks. But will discuss other things must be aware when visiting your dentist's first children.

In this visit, specialist children's teeth to allow parents to discuss the following points:

1. how to care for an infant or child's mouth.
2. the ideal use and correct to fluoride.
3. oral habits like thumb sucking habit wrong.
4. ways to prevent accidents that could harm the face and teeth.
5. baby teething process.
6. the relationship between diet and dental health.

After the first visit, the dentist will suggest children take calendar follow your child's teeth.

In the past, dentists advise mothers to make appointments for their children every six months, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the schedule of baby teeth varies according to the child's needs and the rate of cavities in teeth.

What do you expect from your child's first visit to a dental clinic?

1. review your child's medical history.
2. respond to your questions and concerns.
3. the doctor talk with you about your child's teeth and mouth health including:
* Growth.
* Teething.
* The dishes and how to arrange the emergence of your child's teeth next to each other.
* State of soft tissue such as gums and lips and cheeks.
* Oral habits affecting your child, such as finger sucking, misappropriated for bottle feeding.
* Factors influencing the risk of tooth decay, such as diet, proper practices to how to clean your mouth, use fluoride, whether others in the family have cavities in their teeth.
* How to prevent shocks that affect the mouth and teeth of your child.
* How to early detection of mouth and your child's teeth: often early detection of mouth and teeth of your child at this age, children sitting between the arms of one of the parents.
4. teach parents how to clean their teeth and giving them the opportunity to do so during the visit.
5. provide special tips for parents on home care for their teeth, including how to clean the teeth and gums, diet, the type and quantity of toothpaste for their child.
6. tell you what to expect from your child's growth in the coming months.
7. proposed timetable for follow up care for your teeth and mouth healthy.
8. dental specialist may also visit clean your child's teeth, due to the possibility of having some teeth spots and lentigines infants.

It is also likely to apply child dentist fluoride on your child's teeth as a precaution, especially if there is a high probability of risk of future tooth decay.

Before you leave the clinic of Pediatric Dentistry, we should have a clear idea about:

1. how your child's growth.
2. your responsibilities towards healthy mouth and teeth.
3. the importance of identifying prior appointments schedule when your child's dentist.
4. rate the probability of having future Sunni calliphoridae or problems in Allah forbid dishes.

Important points when you first visit one of the parents went to a specialist children's teeth:

3. There must be another adult with the father or mother (a relative) when you first visit a specialist children's teeth, so a parent talk comfortably with your doctor.
2. it is strictly forbidden to bring any other child with a parent in the first visit.
3. prepare a snack for your child, bring a favorite toy or blanket or other familiar faces. Because that will help your child to know that Pediatric Dentistry clinic is conveniently and securely.

Finally you should also realize the importance of your child's first visit a dentist children and how you can spare your child dental pain, non incurring exorbitant amounts to treat your child's teeth.

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Early detection of your child's teeth in the deciduous teeth's first public deserves more from you.
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