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 Where the damages and benefits of coffee?

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PostSubject: Where the damages and benefits of coffee?   2017-02-10, 4:46 pm

Coffee is a drink every house, especially in the morning, and many types, including 9 coffee and Ben "brain" and Brazilian coffee, and the largest, according to experts, 9 coffee and Ben "brain".

Good to know its unequal in size small and italic color yellowish and has a distinct odor. While Brazilian coffee is larger and color tends to verdant smells and tastes best coffee taste 9, right.

Coffee contains caffeine walthibromin walthiovlin and fatty acids and tannins, it contains sugar and water.

Uses an old coffee

Historians cite the story a shepherd who was tending his sheep near the town Cava in Abyssinia (Ethiopia) noted that his sheep eat plant species so much strength and activity seem fun, share it in hear sing and dance, and faster to plant and eat him, felt his nerves alert and active, and his friends and acquaintances, DL and went to a hermit, cut it up, and use it to alert himself and activated for evening worship.

In the sixteenth century coffee plantation spread throughout Yemen, Yemen moved into Egypt. Since the Turks opened Egypt knew coffee and passed it to their country, and Turkey moved to Europe.

And the word was by ancient Arab coffee on the winery, and was told that it was named so because it tokhi mustache, which become saturated or appetite, then fired on coffee syrups, while coffee.

Excessive coffee hurts

Varied results of medical research conducted on coffee, each revealing a variety of advantages for coffee, some stressed the damage excessive intake of this drink, and through surveys show that nearly half of young people around the world accept on all kinds of coffee, or eating various derivatives on a daily basis, what warning about this habit, sometimes negative impact, and how to adjust the rate, get rid of addiction caused by coffee, because it contains caffeine, a substance Chemical, materials are sobering. There is caffeine in coffee and some soft drinks like Pepsi and Coca Cola, adding to its presence in tea drink. And contain caffeine coffee to about 3 percent. It is known that caffeine increases brain activity and heart, increased mental activity and alertness, increase circulation by rapid heart action, in addition to increasing amounts of incontinence, increased secretion of digestive juices of the stomach. Frequent daily coffee infect a person with insomnia, anxiety, feelings of nervousness and fatigue.

And the famous Arabic coffee region, and this became the drink of tags and habits characteristic of Arabic countries, and was the beginning of this drink in Yemen and then go to the rest of the Arabic countries, including many European countries, and make coffee often Arabic coffee Ethiopian and Yemeni, Yemeni was used in treatment, and then used as a drink Arabian steed, after adding some other ingredients including grains of cardamom, as Arabs from the habits of generosity which offers to the guests. Arabic coffee has evolved and become its distinctive taste, and is considered one of the best coffees in the world, and has many benefits, but also occurs when the excessive damage, and we'll show in the next lines of the pros and cons of coffee in General, this applies to Arabic coffee, too.

Detect numerous studies and research done on this issue for a lot of damage as a result of excessive coffee and abundance, or types or its derivative, it turns out that eating more than five daily cups of coffee, leading to higher rates of death by 23 percent among men. The study explained that people who drink coffee excessively vulnerable to consuming large amounts of caffeine, so they have reduced fitness in a scary, as they get more jittery. Studies advises moderation in coffee, because that would avoid the consume a lot of health problems, such as the negative impact in the stomach wall, and also lead to obesity and obesity, due to lack of activity and kinetic effort and poor fitness and large idle muscles.

Another study suggests that in the case of excessive drinking coffee on a daily basis, consumers will have many negative and harmful to the overall health of the body, such as high blood pressure, that have more than two cups of coffee throughout the day hurts stomach wall damaging in the long run, if ingested on an empty stomach to cause heartburn, as some individuals plaguing the situation of severe insomnia and disorders and difficulty in quiet and comfortable natural sleep, what happens in tension Years in person and excessive nervousness, and also lead to a higher number of heart feeling also there fast and powerful strikes at the heart, and the appearance of symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

It is worth mentioning that some research studies showed that intake of coffee has an effect on men's fertility risk and cases of infertility, and also result in excessive addressed to high blood cholesterol levels, and also the negative impact on women in pregnancy, it can cause babies with birth defects, and weakens the capacity shortage of coffee the body absorb iron from food, and coffee increase increase high caffeine level in the blood, and thus be opportunities and chances of atherosclerosis The largest, the symptoms and problems that result and influence the overall performance of the body, so the studies recommend moderation, not to overspend on coffee, one cup enough throughout the day, or twice at most, to get benefits and pros are useful to the body and at the same time doesn't make any kind of damage to public health.

Another recent study confirmed that frequent coffee leads to hallucinations and low fertility among consumers, people with diabetes also suffer from high blood sugar levels after eating coffee frequently and regularly. The study found that drinking one cup of coffee in the morning, before breakfast, might be a reason for people to have type II diabetes, as there is a lot of evidence showing that excessive coffee strong, high blood cholesterol levels, and also leads to a sense of flickering, maybe causing a cup of coffee some sort of extra stress for the human body, because it leads to a high level of caffeine in the blood during the night and damage The arteries in particular.

In one study results show that extravagantly coffee leads to a dangerous infection with symptoms of high blood pressure, where the study found that eating 165 grams of caffeine, equivalent to the same effect as a result of eating 255 grams of caffeine on blood pressure rising for four hours, this rise in pressure it damages the direct link of cardiovascular disease and hardening and damaged blood vessels. According to the study, if eating young teenager to more than three cups of coffee throughout the day, they may be more likely to increase the incidence of heart attacks and heart attacks, as a result of the rise in blood pressure.

The study showed that those consumers to high amounts of caffeine, is associated with risk of gout, the study recorded indicators of high incidence of gout, I have a persons extravagant in coffee types and their derivatives, as attached medical reports between the relationship of excessive coffee and stomach disorders indigestion, severity of coffee in the morning on an empty stomach, and high percentage rates and caffeine in the body to infection with symptoms of headache, and may turn into a migraine while continuing to increase the caffeine in the blood, and also causes high Caffeine to weaken the ability to metabolize glucose have plenty of patients with type 2 diabetes. Large doses of caffeine can infect people consumers of caffeine sensitivity syndrome, the result of the interaction with some of the body's cells and spoke kind of delicacy, often this type when younger.

Some studies revealed that excessive intake of coffee in large quantities, adversely affects women's fertility and reduce and weaken them, because of the increased rate of caffeine, which undermines the prospects and chances of getting pregnant by 30 percent. And also the increase in coffee consumption to risk of incontinence, especially among women, the most popular coffee, and the proportion of women infected by the disease reached about 75 percent as a result of excessive coffee intake. The study revealed that many of the ladies who've eaten too many coffee cups suffered damages of perimenopause, where blood caffeine ratio abounded, which was a direct cause of menopause at an early age, natural menopause prematurely to the ladies. And as mentioned earlier, most of the studies emphasized that caffeine affects the human disease, insomnia, and therefore great disturbances in sleep attempts, symptoms of stress and anxiety, nervousness, and not to relieve the body natural image, thus overturning the biological clock inside the body, the devices of dementia and inability to adjust body rhythm sound image, weak immune system in humans, and thus increase the chances and the chances of many diseases. The studies were unanimous that there are cases where doctors advised consumers of coffee to permanently cease and desist on coffee, and these cases are people who have high blood pressure, lasting until no more coffee from this disease, and also the incidence of ulcers 12, coffee can destroy the stomach wall, and also in cases of constipation, chronic inflammatory bowel condition, and of course in the case of neurological diseases to avoid extra thinner, in cases of high rates of cholesterol in the blood, as well as in the case of disease Heart palpitations and heart surgery and double coronary arteries and atherosclerosis, and in the case of goitre, and also urinary calculi or ducts.

Benefits of coffee:

Many studies demonstrated some of the health benefits of coffee, some studies have linked between coffee and the positive effect and the benefit to patients with type 2 diabetes and of diabetes mellitus, also confirmed that coffee helps the body to control blood sugar level and rate and reduce tremor and its problems, another study indicated that drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, after breakfast, helps the sense and feeling of good health, and increased levels of beneficial cholesterol in the blood, We must reduce in case of chronic infections.

Arabic coffee:

Arabic coffee and her health benefits like other species, while not excessive, advises people to research or have more than three cups of Arabic coffee at most, working on the human nervous system activation, and give the consumer a State of alertness and waking up, he doesn't have a case of sudden sleep, it affects the owners of appetite excessively about food and make them into a State of satiety, so as to effect of caffeine, reduces pain and muscle contractions. And also coffee drinks that are resistant to diseases, cancers, because they contain antioxidants, which strengthens the immune system also, protect against heart disease, if taken moderately, reduces secretions human restricts liver enzymes from liver cancer, and reduce significantly the chances of strokes and help get rid of excess weight, doctors recommend specialists to obtain these benefits, the person eating two cups of coffee throughout the day only, and frequently addressed, so you can take advantage of Their benefits and drawbacks and detriments.

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Where the damages and benefits of coffee?
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