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 These Mainstream Tea Brands Contain Pesticides And Can Be Fatal

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PostSubject: These Mainstream Tea Brands Contain Pesticides And Can Be Fatal   2017-02-12, 11:01 am

Tea has been a prominent drink for quite a long time! Not exclusively is tea delectable, certain teas have restorative properties. Green tea contains effective cancer prevention agents that have sickness battling properties. Dark tea can diminish the dangers of coronary illness and stroke. Oolong tea has been appeared to help control glucose and advance weight reduction. Furthermore, there are numerous home grown teas that, contingent upon the fixings, can help you rest, diminish chilly indications, decrease trunk clog, calm uneasiness, and give you a lift of vitality, to give some examples.

Tragically, a hefty portion of the organizations that make this tasty, sound refreshment are making it undesirable by utilizing teas that are stacked with pesticides! A portion of the greatest wrongdoers are:

* Tetley
* Lipton (Green tea and the Yellow label black tea)
* Twinings
* King Cole
* No Name
* Red Rose
* Signal
* Uncle Lee's Legends of China (green tea and also jasmine green tea)

Autonomous lab testing found that the examples they tried had high measures of pesticides in them, with 8 out of 10 of the specimens had more than one sort of pesticide. One brand had more than 22 distinct sorts of pesticides! A portion of the tea tried contained monocrotophos and endosulfan, chemicals that are prohibited in numerous nations! The greater part of the teas recorded above contained more than the passable measures of pesticide.

Of the above list, the absolute worst are:

1- King Cole – incredibly high pesticides levels, including monocrotophos.
2- Green Tea of Uncle Lee's Legends of China – a study proved that this has more than 20 types of pesticides, including endosulfan.
3- No Name – contains more than 10 types pesticides.

To guarantee that you are drinking tea with positively no chemicals or GMOs, just pick confirmed natural packed away and free teas. Some great brands are:

* Numi
* Rishi
* Eden Organic
* Organic Stash
* Organic Tazo
* Organic Traditional Medicinals
* Organic Yogi

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These Mainstream Tea Brands Contain Pesticides And Can Be Fatal
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