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 Your Friend Might Need To Be More Than That On the off chance that You See These 5 Signs

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PostSubject: Your Friend Might Need To Be More Than That On the off chance that You See These 5 Signs   2017-02-28, 9:22 pm

We always think we understand our friends perfectly, but sometimes, we really don’t. If you’ve ever had a close friend develop romantic feelings for you, you understand how tricky a situation like this can be. Not only is it hard to admit that we were unaware of a close friend’s feelings, but it’s also hard to address those feelings in the open without ruining the relationship.

The problem is that emotions are difficult to decode, especially when somebody else is actively trying to suppress or keep them secret. In the case of a close friendship, it becomes even more difficult as emotions like love are normally accepted. However, there are five key signs that can tell you whether or not your friend has a crush.

1. They Imitate You

Imitation is a form of synchronization, and it’s one of the strongest indicators of attraction.

Imitation has been studied countless times by psychologists, and all tend to agree that it’s one of the most common mechanisms of attraction. If you notice your friend copying your body language or behavior, it’s not to be ignored.

2. They Avoid You in Public

If you’re hanging out with your friends in a group, but one friend in particular seems to avoid you, it could be an indication of a crush. A good test is to hang out with this friend one-on-one, and see if they go back to behaving normally. They might just want to avoid any suspicion had by anybody else around.

3. They Constantly Make Physical Contact

If you notice that your friend is constantly making contact with you or keep the space between you at a minimum, it’s a good guess they have a crush.

Friends nudge and touch each other all the time, but you’ll be able to notice if it’s more than normal. This could manifest itself in a number of ways, including very subtly.

4. They Always Laugh at Your Jokes

You can’t be funny all the time, which is why somebody laughing at every joke you tell is a sign of attraction. As with most things on this list so far, frequency is a pretty major indicator of attraction no matter what’s being done. Try telling a joke you don’t think is funny and see how your friend reacts to it.

5. They’re Concerned with Appearance Around You

This is a fairly obvious way to tell if your friend is into you.

If they take a long time to get ready or seem to care about their physical appearance more than usual, they probably like you. Simply knowing you’re going to be somewhere can be enough to get them looking their best. Pay attention next time you’re out somewhere with your group of friends.

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Your Friend Might Need To Be More Than That On the off chance that You See These 5 Signs
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