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 7 Symptoms That You've Found The Right Partner For You.

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PostSubject: 7 Symptoms That You've Found The Right Partner For You.   2017-07-03, 2:21 pm

Ever wonder whether or not you and your partner were meant to be together? While it’s not always easy to tell if your relationship is written in fate, there are signs and indicators that will give you a good idea about just how strong it really is. And it’s the strong, flexible, loving relationships that stand the test of time.

Here are seven signs that you’ve found a partner worth holding on to:

They have unwavering support for you and the things you’re passionate about

Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on every now and then. Life is difficult and messy. If your partner is one who always has your back and supports the things you want to do in life, you should probably keep them around. Not to mention, your other half brings with them wisdoms that might escape you.

In your eyes, they’re the most beautiful person in the world

Have you ever stopped to think about the complex nature of attraction? Of course people can be conventionally attractive, but what truly makes a person beautiful? It’s all the little things that make that person entirely unique and unlike anyone else. It’s the fact that of all the others out there, this one captures your heart, and so too do you capture theirs. Every truly loving relationship in the world is somewhat of a miracle.

They have kindness and compassion

If you’re like most people out there, you’re looking for someone who exhibits kindness and compassion towards yourself and others. A sincere, loving partner is one who has your best interests in mind and never wishes to cause you pain or suffering.

They’re always willing to compromise with you

At the core of every relationship is a fine balance of give and take, which means having a partner that can compromise so as to reach an agreement that both people are happy with is something to be cherished. Learning how to compromise with your significant other is a skill that will take your relationship to new heights.

They tell you when you’re not at your best

While it might not seem like fun having your partner always calling you out on your crappy behaviors, it comes from a place of love. Sometimes we all need someone who can be real enough with us to tell us that we should be behaving differently. Once we start listening to them, it quickly becomes obvious that they’re right. A good partner shows you that you don’t have to stoop to a level lower than where you should be.

They’re passionate in life

Passion is something that almost everyone of us is hoping to find in life. Which is exactly why passion is so damn attractive. We look for partners who love the life they’re living because we want to be a part of that loving life. If you and your partner can share your passion in life, there’s a good chance that passion will translate into deep-seeded feelings of love.

You can’t imagine life without them

Love isn’t something that is readily explained with a cut-and-dry answer. Sometimes when you know that you’re in love with someone, you just now. You can’t really explain why, but you know that should they leave you, your life just wouldn’t be whole anymore. If you’re grateful for every single day you have with them, it’s a great sign that the two of you should be together.

Source : Expanded Consciousness
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7 Symptoms That You've Found The Right Partner For You.
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