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 8 Tips To Reduce Daily Stress.

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PostSubject: 8 Tips To Reduce Daily Stress.   2014-12-22, 12:40 am

Want to reduce the stress that plagues us every day is a perfectly legitimate goal.

Limit the pressure can increase efficiency in the execution of tasks to perform, but also and above all, quality of life, health and well-being.

It is up to each of us to adapt to the circumstances of your own life and choose behaviors that reduce stress daily.

Firstly reduce the stress level of activities

Our life must be as balanced as possible. No activity should we capture to the point of preventing us from making others equally important. For this it is necessary to ask questions and make choices.

1 – Establish priorities.

Start by reviewing the activities you perform in a week. Which ones are related to your work? With your family or friends? With your own desires?

Think about those you like and those you bother if you do not want to do too, if you have chosen or imposed on them to you, if it is really necessary to achieve and how you can establish priorities in order to achieve a more relaxed, more peaceful.

Try not to be too demanding with the activities that you do not like and try to see them from another angle: not one of coercion but of necessity. If something needs to be done then do it with gusto, it will be easier and less damaging to morale.

It is also at this level that we must be able to accept or reject spots that you “fall over” say no or delegate.

2 – Make a list.

Make a list of tasks waiting to help reduce stress dramatically.

When you write things to do, they go out of your mind automatically. This allows you to sleep better because you do not be afraid to forget.

In the absence of ability to write, I do not hesitate to email me from my phone for example, any interesting idea that goes through my head and I forget. Later, when I read the email on my computer I can then decide what action to take.

3 – Get organized.

Try to always put things in the same way to find them easily. It will save you time and treat you all bird names …

Plan your activity.

Take advantage of technology. Modern phones and tablets allow you to organize your appointments and your spots. Note-There is also the information you need regularly. However, be careful with those codes as sensitive credit card. The ideal is to be protected by a password or personal codification system access. There are many software for this function.

4 – Learn to delegate.

Do not feel irreplaceable and better that all the others, and delegate whenever possible. By cons are sure to follow.

Selflessly to reduce stress

You must understand that it is you who create stress, not more! This is how you respond to circumstances, to specific situations, other that is causing your inner tensions.

If the origin is in you, the solution also!

5 – Book your space just for you.

Find time to do things that you like (physical activity, reading, traveling) because it will give you energy to be more effective.

Block a few times in the day to find yourself with yourself. Breathe calmly and deeply. Listen to relaxing music. Learn to let go.

6 – If you do not feel well, say it!

You feel tired or in a bad mood, you better tell your family, friends or colleagues, so they understand your reactions.

This will free you and maybe you’ll help your environment for you more easily get out.

You can even cry if you want … Studies show that crying helps to release the pain and reduce stress. Of course, if you prefer, do it in secret.

Other ways to reduce stress

Here are two more ways to stay zen.

7 – The benefits of physical activity.

It is now demonstrated that physical activity can help adults reduce stress and transient voltages.

Here are two scientific explanations:

- A sustained exercise reduces cortisol levels. It is a hormone secreted by the brain (pituitary) to deal with situations of psychic tension point. If the situation persists its effect becomes harmful to nerve cells. Physical activity thus acts as a natural neuroprotective.

- Exercise causes an increase in precursors of serotonin, which is in particular in the regions of the brain related to emotions. In depression, serotonin levels are low and must be compensated by drugs.

If physical activity can naturally replace certain medications, do not forget that the immediate results depend on many factors, particularly the level of stress. Of course a prolonged depression can not be treated by the only physical activity.

8 – Food preferable to calm nerves.

Nuts – they are loaded with magnesium which help to maintain the level of cortisol at a low level. But beware: the nuts are fat, so eat them in moderation to not gain a few pounds … and stress!

Broccoli contains folic acid, which helps reduce stress.

Whole grains contain complex carbohydrates that increase the level of serotonin in the brain, which gives a good boost to our mood and helps us relax.

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids that contribute to the proper functioning of the brain.

Dark chocolate : the best medicine against stress! It contains more than 300 components, including anandamide, a hormone that mimics the effects of marijuana on the brain, and theobromine, a mild stimulant. Chocolate must contain at least 70% cocoa to provide all these benefits. As for nuts, watch online!

Milk contains tryptophan, which when absorbed by the body, is transformed into serotonin.

Black tea : a study from the University College London has shown that following a stressful event, drinking black tea four times a day for six weeks had reduced cortisol levels among participants.

Green tea : it is packed with theanine which have a calming effect on the brain.
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8 Tips To Reduce Daily Stress.
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