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 -Look to the Stars

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PostSubject: -Look to the Stars   2014-12-18, 12:45 pm

At the beginning of summer, the night air is just right for exploring. And what better sight to see than the boundless universe? Whether you're heading for the backyard or the balcony tonight, get some fresh air and rediscover your sense of wonder with a cool, relaxing evening of stargazing.

-Imagine, Explore, and Learn
There's so much you can discover by simply looking up at the evening sky. You might see a rare meteor shower or find distant planets, depending on where you live. Use more commonly identified constellations, such as the Little Dipper and Orion, as starry landmarks to help you find something new. Have some fun discovering, get the kids involved, and make it a game with points for everything you can identify.

-Cozy Up on a Clear Night
For a relaxing night, mix close friends in a low-lit setting with comfy blankets, nutritious snacks, and drinks. You'll need some simple binoculars, a star chart to guide you, and bug repellant to keep pests at bay. Most importantly, bring your imagination and your curiosity.

-Get Far, Far Away From It All
Turn your night into a quiet and peaceful escape. Whether you're on vacation or just camping beneath the stars, find a destination far from the city to enjoy a better view. Head for a quiet venue and enjoy the crisp, clean night air for a relaxing end to a stressful day. You may feel refreshed and better prepared for restful sleep after escaping into the serenity of a clear night.

You can visit for some great tips about stargazing, and offers a mobile star chart that lets you use your cell phone to find what you're looking for tonight. So make the most of your evening by turning off the television and getting lost in nature's beauty.
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-Look to the Stars
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